Lone Worker Train The Trainer

Why not save money by choosing our accredited Lone Working Train the Trainer Course? This 2- or 3-day course (dependent upon the number and experience of the delegates) is designed to help delegates train their staff in Personal Safety.

This course is tailored to suit your organisations working practices and is accredited through OCN Credit4Learning, and upon completion delegates will receive a national qualification, offering you assurance in the quality of materials and tuition.

This course is designed to enable your trainers to deliver effective workplace violence prevention training to your staff. The course is designed to suit your organisations requirements and can incorporate detailed discussion of Policy and procedures.
Define lone working and Personal Safety.
Identify and assess the personal safety risks associated with lone working.
Develop individual strategies and safe systems of working for avoiding, reducing and managing personal safety risks whilst working alone.
Explore the relevance of legislation in relation to Lone Working.
Discuss the importance of reporting and recording all incidents of violence and aggression.
Explore some of the theories, causes and triggers to aggression.
Explore the use of dynamic risk assessment in recognising the early warning signals of aggression and violence.
Share best practice in the use of effective communication skills to be able to deal with the anger of others effectively and professionally.
Explore how the fight and flight reaction can hinder our ability to remain calm and professional in the face of aggression and discuss how to manage this in order to respond rather than react to aggression.
State the importance of safety when running a breakaway session (optional).
Practice simple yet effective Breakaway Techniques in order to escape from a physically challenging situation.
Discuss the training cycle and develop aims and outcomes for delivering your own training sessions.
Explore the different delivery methods you can use to put your training across to your target audience.
Develop a lesson plan for delivering a short training session for assessment.
Practice delivering a short mini session in a safe learning environment.
Other Information
Duration 2 Р3 Days
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Accreditation if required is through OCN Credit for Learning.
Public courses not available.