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Personal Safety Train The Trainer - NNTC
The NNTC Personal Safety Train the Trainer Course provides a mechanism whereby our clients can roll out training across their organisation in a consistent and cost-effective way.  The attendees will gain practical skills, instructional skills, knowledge of lone working best practices as well as the confidence to deliver this training to their teams.

Having you own accredited in-house lone worker trainers means that you can save on expensive external Consultants fees and expenses and can train as many employees as you like at no extra cost.  Other benefits include being able to tailor the course content for specific teams; a worker who carries out home visits would want different content to say a receptionist or a construction worker.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to see if a train the trainer course is the right approach for your organisation.

This course is designed to enable delegates to deliver effective personal safety training to their staff. The course is designed to suit your organisations requirements and can incorporate detailed discussion of policy and procedures.
Understand how to demonstrate an awareness of the potential risks staff may face and develop individual and team strategies to avoid or reduce or manage personal safety risks.
State the legal responsibilities of employees and managers in relation to personal safety.
Define violence at work and state the importance of reporting all incidents of aggression and violence.
Recognise how violence and aggression can impact on your wellbeing and identify ways to reduce the impact.
Identify some of the causes of aggression and violence within your own organisation.
Recognise some of the early warning signs of impending aggression or violence.
Explore best practice in being able to calm the anger of others using both verbal and non-verbal skills.
Explore how our own emotions can impede our ability to handle difficult situations calmly and professional and identify strategies to overcome this.
Understand the term reasonable force in relation to defending yourself in the event of an attack.
State the role of the trainer in ensuring safety on the course (optional)
Practice safe and effective breakaway techniques in order to escape from grabs and holds (optional)
Develop skills and methods of putting this material across to their target audience
Practice delivering a micro teach session and give and receive feedback.
Other Information
Duration 2-3 days
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual training & Public courses not available.
Accreditation is available through OCN Credit For Learning.