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Cultural Awareness Training

When we interact in cross cultural situations, a lack of awareness can lead to poor or bad decision making. Cultural Awareness Training helps us reduce the chances of making bad decisions, dispels negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups and can promote self-confidence, resulting in employees or customers who feel respected valued and trusted as individuals.

All of our Cultural Awareness courses are run in an interactive student-centred style, with all assurances given to create a safe learning environment. Please note all our courses are tailored free of charge to your requirements so may vary slightly from the stated aims and outcomes and are run in-house and virtually.

The aim of this workshop is to help delegates understand different cultures amongst their workplace and service users. Appreciating intercultural differences ultimately promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust and strengthens relationships.
Importance and relevance of cultural awareness and equality and diversity within the workplace and community environment.
Overview of equality duties: purpose, importance and relevance to service delivery; improving external relationships, representation, strengthening internal relationships
An awareness of legislation, equality and diversity principles and discriminatory practices
Understanding your diverse workforce – multi racial workforce management
Understanding your diverse service users
Other Information
Duration 1 Day
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual Training maximum number of delegates 12
Public Courses Not available