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Safe Handling and Restraint Training - NNTC
The term ‘restraint’ has negative connotations especially for the health and social care industry, made worse by some of the devastating images we have seen recently on the TV where members of the public have been forced to the ground and knelt on putting both their human rights and personal safety in jeopardy. Sometimes restraint is appropriate especially when working with clients who may become distressed. This course will help staff who may be required to restrain do so in a safe and ethical manner.
This safe holding & restraint course is designed to give delegates the skills to be able to restraint others with techniques that are ethical and dignified where necessary in order to prevent further harm and to create a safe environment for all.
Identify the situations where restraint and safe handling may be required
Identify the medical risks associated with holding and restraining
Understand the term reasonable force as applied to UK Legislation
Explore the use of stance and personal space in dealing with violence from others
Apply safe manoeuvres for escaping from grabs bites punches and kicks…
Explore the use of passive holds and the law surrounding these holds
Practice safe handling and restraint manoeuvres
Discuss the importance of reporting, recording and debriefing of incidents
Other Information
Duration 1 Day
Certification is available through The National Network of Training Consultants