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Health & Safety Awareness Training - NNTC
Effective Health & Safety Awareness Training for your employees can help you create a safer more productive work environment and ultimately ave lives. Without a basic understanding of health & safety policies, procedures and safe working practices, employees employees will be at greater risk for workplace injuries and illnesses.  Health & Safety awareness will contribute towards making your employees competent in health & safety, avoid the distress that accidents injuries and ill health can cause and avoid the financial costs of time off work, reduced productivity, hiring and training replacement staff as well as time spent on accident investigations and claims management.

All of our health and safety awareness courses are run in an interactive student-centred style, with all assurances given to create a safe learning environment. Please note all our courses are tailored free of charge to your requirements so may vary slightly from the stated aims and outcomes and are run in-house and virtually.

NNTC can create a bespoke E-Learning package for your organisation. This means no more paying for individual licenses for all your employees. Please contact Jackie for details and pricing.

To ensure delegates understand and comply with their responsibilities regarding health & safety in the workplace.
Understand the need to prevent accidents at work including fire, electricity, manual handling, falls, chemicals, display screens, accidents, first aid, PPE, alcohol and drugs, lone working and violence
List the legislation relating to health and safety in the workplace and explore their legal responsibilities therein
Explain the stages of risk assessment and hazard identification
State the importance of reporting all risks, unsafe practices and accidents at work
Other Information
Accreditation is available through FAA OFQUAL £10
Certification is available through The National Network of Training Consultants £2
Certification is available from the trainer free of charge
Duration 1 Day
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual Training maximum number of delegates 12
Public Courses Not available
Bespoke E-Learning Packages Available