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Gangs and Group Offending Awareness - NNTC

Youth violence is often synonymous with gangs.  Over recent years there has been increasing concern about knife crime, however recent reports by the Police indicate that the tide may be turning following a prolonged campaign to reduce levels of knife crime.

A recent parliamentary report (2019) showed that there was evidence that children and young people aged 15-24 years old were disproportionately represented, making up almost 50% of those killed with a gun or a knife in London, but only making up 12% of the population of London.

Violence is used primarily as a means of coercion and control, and this can also include sexual violence.  Any violent attack (be it physical or sexual) can have life-changing consequences (visible or otherwise) and as we have seen above, can lead to fatalities.

NNTC can create a bespoke E-Learning package for your organisation. This means no more paying for individual licenses for all your employees. Please contact Jackie for details and pricing.

All of our gangs and group offending awareness courses are run in an interactive student-centred style, with all assurances given to create a safe learning environment. Please note all our courses are tailored free of charge to your requirements so may vary slightly from the stated aims and outcomes and are run in-house and virtually.

This course is designed to help teachers and youth workers to deter vulnerable children from joining gangs by providing children and teenagers with the skills to say ‘no,’ to gangs and, where necessary, to leave a gang they may already be part of.
Discuss UK gang fashion
Explore how we can work together to tackle gangs
Identify the impact of gang membership on poor mental health
Identify some practical social interventions
Explore initiation and grooming by elders and peers
Explore drug trafficking and county lines operations
Define a gang
Explore the influence of social media, music and gaming
Explore Joint Enterprise convictions
Discuss ways of getting out of gangs (for parents and young gang members)
Discuss how to mobilise a Community
Discuss if suppression tactics work?
Explore sexual exploitation in UK Gangs
Other Information
Duration 1 Day
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual Training maximum number of delegates 12
Public Courses Not available
Bespoke E-Learning Packages Available