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Drug Awareness & Dual Diagnosis - NNTC
Long term drug and or alcohol use can cause serious issues for mental well-being. Drugs can make people more unwell and more likely to try and harm themselves or take their own life.
There is also some evidence that using some drugs may cause mental illness for the first time. For example, research has shown that cannabis can increase your chances of developing psychosis or a psychotic disorder.

All our drug awareness and duel diagnosis courses are run in an interactive student-centred style with all assurances given to create a safe learning environment. Please note all our courses are tailored free of charge to your requirements so may vary slightly from the stated aims and outcomes and are run in-house or virtually only.

NNTC can create a bespoke E-Learning package for your organisation. This means no more paying for individual licenses for all your employees. Please contact Jackie for details and pricing.

This course aims to provide core information on how drugs, alcohol and mental health issues interrelate. It will describe how illegal drugs may negatively affect mental health. The course examines the implications for clients of models like ‘dual diagnosis’ and reviews respective roles, information sharing and referral pathways.
Understanding the chemistry of drugs
Understanding diagnosis, treatment and medication
Identifying warning signs and triggers
Understanding diagnosis, treatment and medication
Identifying the danger of mixing drugs
Explore issues around fighting addiction
Exploring schizophrenia and paranoia
Identifying the different types of cannabis
Exploring the side effects of stimulant drugs
Discussing the impact of hangovers, withdrawals and comedowns
Raising overdose awareness
Managing drug use
Exploring the risk of injecting
How to deal with an emergency, and homelessness, arrest and compulsory detention
Other Information
Duration 1 Day
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual Training maximum number of delegates 12
Public Courses Not available
Bespoke E-Learning Packages Available