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Behaviour Management & Restorative Practice - NNTC

A safe and orderly environment is vital in schools if students are to grow and prosper. Students who display challenging behaviour can disrupt this environment and jeopardise the safety and learning of themselves and other students.

A restorative approach to tackling this behaviour has at its heart, a belief that misbehaviour is an offence against relationships and maintains a focus on the accountability of actions with an emphasis placed on empathy and repairing damage done to others.

Restorative practises are a framework and guidelines for the prevention of rule breaking so that teachers can focus on building a sense of community fostering relationships and a sense of responsibility for each student.  Successfully implementing this approach in your school could result in less incidents of disruptive behaviour and less exclusions.



This one-day course with enables staff to develop the necessary understanding restorative practise and behaviour management to begin implementing the practises in their school.
Identify the key principles of restorative practise and behaviour management.
Explore the benefits of implementing ghost restorative approach to dealing with disruptive behaviour in their school.
Examine how restorative approaches produce the outcomes for young people in conflict by focusing on empathy repairing harm.
Other Information
Duration 1 Day
Face to Face Training maximum number of delegates 12
Virtual Training maximum number of delegates 12.